Better Half of LinCornellah Clocks Another Year

-Better Half of LinCornellah Clocks Another Year –
Linda Ellah, Co-owner of LinCornellah’s blog, is a year older today. She was born on November 29, 1978, along with her twin sister, Laureen Fakunle.

Linda is a former Catholic nun. After voluntarily leaving the convent, she enrolled for studies at the United States International University (USIU-A), Nairobi, Kenya, and graduated with a First Class honours (Summa cum Laude) in International Relations, in 2012.

Linda is a gifted writer. Her writing and editing skills largely contributes to the existence and sustenance of LinCornellah’s blog. I regard her as my editor. Also, she inspires me in several respects. Mostly, she is my best friend, lover and mother of our three children, Godswill, Augustine and Christy-Rose.


Laureen Fakunle, Linda Ellah

As twins, Linda and Laureen exhibit extraordinary traits that attest to God’s wondrous nature. For instance, they both had their last babies within 17 hours’ interval. While Laureen had her baby, Feyi, around 12:15pm on 17 November 2014, Linda had Christy-Rose at 4:50am on 18 November 2014.

Therefore, we consider Feyi and Christy-Rose as twins from twins. Just like Linda accompanied Laureen, Christy-Rose accompanied Feyi.

Although the expected date of our baby’s delivery was one month ahead, Linda told me to get set to take her to the maternity ward of the hospital, immediately after we heard that Laureen had put to birth. She simply said “Sweetheart, it’s my time to also put to birth”.

In line with that prediction, she started experiencing pangs of labour, a few hours after she uttered those words. I took her to the General Hospital in  Calabar and arrived there at 4:35 am on 18 November 2017. She smoothly delivered Christy-Rose at 4:50am, minutes later.

I recall that Laureen was amazed, when I called her on phone to relay that marvellous news. She kept praising God’s name and singing songs of adoration. That incident drew me closer to God. I would always praise His name. Family members and friends who were told of the birth thought the names were being mixed up, until it was clear that both sisters had put to birth.

I also recall that when Feyi and Christy-Rose marked their second birthdays, cakes of similar colours were baked for them to mark that occasion. Also, Laureen and Linda constantly wear clothes of similar colours. Yet, our families live in different climes. While Laureen lives in London, United Kingdom, we live in Calabar, Nigeria.

She and Laureen have never rehearsed doing similar things. Their lives simply exemplify life’s mysteries, and God’s greatness.

As these amazing ladies celebrate their birthday today, I wish them God’s constant love. I wish them several prosperous years ahead.

I cherish you, Laureen. I love you, Linda.

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