(Full Text) Maina’s Interview by Channels Television

– Full Text of Maina’s Interview Obtained by Channels Television –
Mr Abdulrasheed Maina, Former Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform has broken his silence on allegations of corruption against him. He broke this silence in an exclusive interview obtained by Channels television and aired during news hours of that station, beginning from yesterday’s News at 10.

Here is a full text of Maina’s disclosure:

“I recovered money for the last administration and I recovered money for this administration. Now, people don’t know this. Let me explain it. Most people may not understand this. But let me explain this for Nigerians because I need, I want the truth to be told and I want Nigerians to understand the truth at know what is going on in Nigeria. Listen.”

“I am not afraid of anybody. I would say the truth. Thank God our President stands for the truth. The unfortunate thing is that some people around him whom he has given trust are lying to him. This one I can attest to and I can give you instances, I can give you documentary evidences. People portray themselves as if they are Saints around the President. Its a lie. They are not.”

“I recovered, first we recovered as a team 282 billion naira cash. We recovered, aside from 282 billion, we were able to bring information and brought 43 pension suspects. 1.6 trillion naira cash, investments and property were recovered. Now they have threatened me, they have threatened my lawyer, they have threatened my brother, sister, they have threatened us all, that I would be killed. In fact somebody threatened my family that I would be annihilated if I go and testify.”

“Now this issue is, I asked Mr President specifically. ‘Mr President if you really want to know the truth and you want to be fair to the whole nation, give opportunity for everybody to come and present ….”

“I am appealing to you Mr President , there are so many things people are not telling you. When I get to that public hearing. I would tell you some things that nobody has ever  told you. Because I never had the opportunity to sit down with you and I am telling Mr President ‘I would give you information and documents that would fetch you over 3 trillion naira now in Nigeria.

If I don’t do it Mr President, give me 9 months. Within the first three months. I would show you 1 trillion just like I showed you 1 trillion in this 2017. I would show you again and I would show you and I would show you again.”

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