(In Pictures) Former Classmates Reunite after 26 Years

-(In Pictures) Former Classmates Reunite after 26 Years-
Former classmates of University of Calabar’s 1991 set of Theatre Arts graduates have reunited this weekend in Calabar, Cross River State, after 26 years of graduation.

They were admitted into the university in 1987 and graduated from there in 1991. Since then, some of them went their separate ways and completely lost touch with others.

However, Victor Necus-Agba, one of them, initiated a WhatsApp platform that spotted the rest of them and summoned them for proactive friendship that gradually culminated in this weekend’s physical reunion. The platform is known as “Thespians 91 Class Unical”. According to ancient tradition, Thespis is the first actor in Greek drama. Therefore, actors and actresses are sometimes addressed as Thespians.

“Thespians 91 class Unical” currently has 34 participants living mostly in Nigeria. Others reside in the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. 46 students graduated from that class.

Unfortunately, Dr Agbo Geoffrey, one of them, died some years ago. He was a Lecturer in the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Calabar, place of his deep intellectual birth.

According to Dr (Mrs) Chichi Ochie Ojeme, spokesperson of this class, they have resolved to be “a compass” for Dr Geoffrey’s son, “to understand that in as much as his parents are not here, this is what life is all about”.

The class also has other humanistic initiatives.

Meanwhile, Dr (Mrs) Ojeme described the reunion as a “reunion of great minds and hearts”. She added that, “This reunion has presented each one of us with the rare opportunity for a group travel back in time. I accept that in the course of this journey some if not all of us would make private detours into places that no one else can accompany us to, with a heightened appreciation of who we were when all we wanted was to become”.

A major highlight of the reunion was a visit to the Department of Theatre and Media Studies, Unical, yesterday. This memorable reunion would be rounded off with dinner this evening.

See some pictures of events below:


Some members of the class: From left – Henry Anyanwu, Dr (Mrs) Nancy Uzomba Irek, Dr (Mrs) Chichi Ochie Ojeme, Chibuzor Iheagwam, Hon. Eteng Jones Williams, MaryJane Onochie-Nwogu, Dr (Mrs) Judith Effa Otu, Ubong Bassey Nya, Pastor (Mrs) Lilian Chikamma Amos, Yvonne John Iheanacho and Victor Necus-Agba.

Some of the Ladies of the class.

Some gentlemen of the class.

Hon. Eteng Jones Williams and Mrs Yvonne John Iheanacho

Eternal Friendship (Lodovico brothers): Victor Necus-Agba, Cornelius Ellah and Hon. Eteng Jones Williams.

Time for food and drinks.

Dr (Mrs) Brenda Akpan, HOD of Theatre and Media Studies having a hearty chat with her guests.

United in love: from left – Henry, Nancy, Chichi, Hon. Aniete Etuk, MaryJane, Yvonne, Judith and Chibuzor.

Dr (Mrs) Judith Effa Otu, Henry Anyanwu and Pastor (Mrs) Lilian Chikamma Amos.



















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