Teacher Udam Tasks Ogoja Indigenes on Federal University

-Teacher Mike Udam Tasks Ogoja Indigenes on Federal University-
Teacher Mike Udam, a secondary school tutor residing in Ogoja Local Area of Cross River State, has tasked  “all the prominent sons and daughters of Ogoja both online and offline” to work for the establishment of a Federal University in Ogoja Local Government Area of Cross River State.

He gave this task yesterday in a post published on his Facebook timeline. That post assigned responsibilities to some indigenes of Ogoja Local Government Area.

Please read the unedited version of Teacher Mike Udam’s post below:


I woke this morning and began thinking wild about all the prominent sons and daughters of Ogoja both online and offline and the impact it will do if we form a platform to agitate for the establishment of a federal university here in Ogoja.

I first remembered that as at today Cross River state is the most blessed state with strategic federal appointments and all these appointments, if synergy is applied, President Buhari will not find it difficult to approve the establishment of a federal university here in Ogoja.

Supposing my very beloved Simon Utsu, an engineer and a public affairs commentator could use his widespread connectivity to join in making a case for the establishment of a federal university here in Ogoja, just how much impact it would have made.

Supposing our own amiable lawyer and public speaking couch FBI could raise the issue with his Abuja based friends that can access the president on this matter, I think a lot of impact will be made in that direction.

Just imagine if the bill for the university to be established as shall be moved by Hon Jarigbe Agom is heavily supported by Legor and all the Cross river state caucus in the House and another one emanating from the senate through the desk of Dr Rose Oko for the same purpose, the impact will be great.

Don’t you think that if the honorable commissioner for power Mr Timmy Tom Udam, lead all appointees of government from Ogoja, Sir Peter Ojie, Aruku stainless, John Inaku, Inok Solomon, Ajie Abang to pay a courtesy call on the governor and draw his attention to use his good offices to call on the federal government to establish a federal university in their area, for sure the governor will heed their call.

Supposing the APC state youth leader Kalita Joe Aruku, could approach his heavy party men like Okoi Obono Obla, Usani Usani, Victor Ndoma Egba, Paul Ada, Jeddy Agba, Ray Ugba Morphy and Odey Ochicha to pull the needed strings, no one can underestimate the impact of these contact if they see truly that Ogoja deserves to have a federal university. A deep look at these men reveals that most of them schooled here in Ogoja, specifically Maryknoll College, Okuku now Yala.

Just imagine if the Ministry of Niger Delta or NDDC could propose the university in their 2018 budget. My thought drive landed in the power of the media. I imagined if my very good friend and brother Cornelius Ellah and the powerful Agba Jalingo were to use their online media to articulate the need for Ogoja to get a federal university, so much impact and awareness would be made and perhaps the attention of the power brokers will be drawn to our plight and things will start happening.

I know the power, worth and impact of locating a university in Ogoja, the headquarters of northern Cross River State. That is why I cry for it. Once we are united, it will be very easy. This is a wake up call. Let us do it for our children and children children. This is not a partisan issue. It is about development.

Maybe I did not mention your name, but you are more powerful than those I remembered their names, don’t worry, God knows you and will bless you for blessing us with the university. You could do your best by sharing it for wider publicity.

Just for the records, Delta has two federal universities and a third is in the offing. Anambra is almost at the verge of getting the second one.

Now, Benue is using David Mark to request for a get a federal university at Oturkpo.
Let us act fast so that it can enter the 2018 budget amendment.

Mike Udam is a school teacher residing in Ogoja, Cross River State.

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