2019 Elections: Ray Ugba Morphy Announces Ambition

-2019 Elections: Ray Ugba Morphy Announces Ambition-
Chief Ray Ugba Morphy, Businessman and Politician, has announced his desire “to run for office in 2019 in Cross River State”.

He announced this on his Facebook timeline, yesterday (Wednesday, November 15th 2017).

Chief Morphy’s profile on Facebook introduces him as “Principal (school) at Human & Skills Dev Coy” and “former Reporter at Nigeria Television Authority”.


Chief Ray Ugba Morphy, Businessman and Politician

In July 2016, Chief Morphy caused a stir in the cabinet of the Cross River State government when he resigned as Special Adviser on Strategy and National Contact to Senator (Prof) Ben Ayade, Governor of Cross River State. According to his explanation on Facebook, he left that cabinet mainly because the Governor was deaf to his counsels.

Chief Morphy was a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and unsuccessfully aspired for Senate in the Northern Senatorial District of Cross River State, in 2015. Some political analysts in Northern Cross River State allege that he was schemed out of that election, on account of his uncompromising principles. He has left the PDP to join the All Progressive Congress (APC).

His late father, Chief I.I. Morphy, was a foremost nationalist and revered leader of Northern Cross River State.

Please read Chief Ray Ugba Morphy’s announcement below.

My People,


To run for office in 2019 in Cross River is an obligation I owe my people, my friends and my party! I will run so we can have a bigger platform with which we can make our community better. Unlike many, I will not be running to make money or to enjoy. I will be running to make our collective lives better!

So, my guys, my supporters and my hommies, do not let your hearts be troubled. We will because WE CAN DO BETTER!

When the time comes, we will make that move together. For now, my friends, lets be patient. A house is built from the foundation, not the roof. And I can assure you that I am building us all a Victory House of solid steel on rock.

Thank you for all your inboxes, emails, calls, personal visits as groups and as individuals, and your numerous SMS urging a declaration of intent.

I will not disappoint you. I will run and I will declare at the appropriate time AFTER ALL DUE CONSULTATIONS and endorsements. For now, please be patient. As our elders say, Wisemen who hunt elephants prepare well for the hunt!

Surly, we continue our bridge building and networking, we continue our Abuja consolidation and our home connections. When the pear is ripe we will all lick; when the elephant is down as everyone who knows me knows, everyone will get a huge chunk. That is our way, that has always been.

Thank you for your selfless support to our collective good!

Ray Ugba Morphy
(Also known as Free Water and “Chop, make I chop, work, make I work”!)

Please pass the word if you are from Cross River State!

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