“Buy your Rat Medicine here!” – An Excited Vendor

-“Buy your Rat Medicine here!” – An Excited Vendor-
Recently, a vendor of rat poison was heard advertising his ware somewhere in Calabar, Cross River State. He went on and on shouting: “Buy your rat medicine here! Attack those rats before dem attack you! Some rats na rats. Some na evil spirits. Kill dem before dem kill you oh!”

This message reminded me of a testimony from a man who narrated that his residence was once infested by cockroaches and wall geckos, until he found a spiritual antidote to that siege.


According to the man’s testimony, he woke up at about 2.00am one day and prayed fervently against those “invaders”. He said that thereafter, the wall geckos and cockroaches started fleeing instantly in different directions. The man added that since then, his residence has been a “no go territory” for rodents, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other crawling “invaders”.

This sounds incredible. However, if prayers can move mountains as assured by the Holy Bible, why can’t prayers also relocate rodents and insects?

Also, is it possible that some rats and cockroaches are possessed by evil spirits?
Don’t mind my curious mind.

  • Cornelius Ellah

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 Chapman Modey Curiously find out why some rats in Calabar are named ‘Okon’
 Cornelius Ellah Wao! Thanks for this suggestion. I hope to find out soon. Cheers, my bros!
Winnieenu Okpe Well, in this our world today anything is possible including rats and cockroaches possessed by evil spirits! However, I personally think it’s superstitious to believe the above. (Just my opinion anyway)
Blessing Walter Most especially cockroaches some times are used by the witchcraft to manipulate Christians home
Angela Moshe People give attention 2 things that are less important, there by magnifying d devil, if you think is
spiritual then pray n stay n calm. God be praised!
Agogo Cletus I recall how, as a growing child, “witch-bats” used to feature prominently in our “night preps”. We would relentlessly chase them around the class and ensure that we kill them at any cost, sometimes breaking our flourescent bulbs in the process. The solution was there in our biology textbooks but we never placed it well. FOOD-CHAIN! Bats are insectivores and our lights attracted hoards of insects. The bats congregated for those insects’s sake…SIMPLE. WITCHES… SOME TIMES…ARE PRODUCTS OF OUR IGNORANCE.
Ekuri Eba Wall Geckos in my locality are been regarded as agents of the devil.Some people calk them silent listeners. For the rats,theirs is worst as they can trace your crayfish to any corner its been kept. There’s nothing the devil cannot do because we are ignorant of his device.

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