See Pictures: Children on the Streets have Rights too

-See Pictures: Children on the Streets have Rights too-
A couple of Charity groups advocating for the Rights of Children sprang into action last Monday, to carry out a project on “SAVE THE STREET KID CAMPAIGN”. The event was carried out at Atekong Junction, in Calabar, Cross River State by Child Rights and You (CRY), and Hope for the Street Kids groups. With a common goal of restoring the dignity of street kids, both organizations reached out to young children who live on and off the streets of Calabar.

According to Mr Michael Nsan, Founder and National Coordinator of the organization, Child Rights and You (CRY)“Another group, Hope for the Street Kids contacted CRY on Facebook and we worked out a partnership. They’ve been organizing monthly feeding and clothing as well so we decided to do it together. They invited us for their November programme. It’s purely charity for kids just like the name implies. The group Coordinator of this campaign team approached us yesterday to join in the distribution of food, clothes, toothbrushes, toothpastes, blankets etc to street kids. They requested our support in providing some of these items and actually visiting and distributing them to the kids.”

The November Event

As part of preparations towards the “SAVE THE STREET KID CAMPAIGN”, Mr Nsan reached out to persons on a whatsapp forum appealing for support thus: “We will need willing volunteers to come out and be part of this. If you’re not in Calabar, or can’t make it, we will appreciate any form of contributions. All contributions will be declared in our social media portals. Clothes, Toothpastes, Combs, Food, Water, Blankets etc. Used clothes are accepted. Although time is a bit short, we’ve been trying to pull out resources.”

Besides an earlier visit held in the year, the team of volunteers last Monday, spent some cheerful time with the street kids. They distributed the collected items to them and also shared with the kids some food and drinks.

Please find some pictures below:


Some Outcome of the Visit to the Street Kids
Following the visit, Mr Nsan, on the whatsapp platform announced a major outcome:

“One of the kids has been given a home and scholarship today!  One of our partners Miss Molly Ephraim has decided to sponsor his education and take him off the streets. To God be the glory! The journey has begun.”

At the end of Monday’s event, the national coordinator expressed his appreciation to all who contributed in cash and kind as he said: “Thank you all for your contributions. Special thanks to our partners HOPE FOR THE STREET KID, our members that could contribute one way or the other, most of whom choose to be anonymous, but I’ll thank Mr. Kevin Igba, Mrs. Phebe Nsan, Mrs.Ngozi Osaji, Mr. Nathanael Brown, Mr. Paul Nsan, Mr. Obonga, Mrs. Henshaw, Mrs. Ifeyinwa Eze-Nubia and our youngest volunteer, Master Daniel Osaji, Mr. Tope David and meeeee. And everyone who prayed, and contributed to the successful outing.”

He added that, “We have found out something very shocking and pitiful, we shall share this tomorrow with all the facts. It is very shameful and embarrassing to Cross River State and Nigeria as a whole. These kids have been subjected to slavery of all forms.”

The group visited the main domain where the street kids live and use as home, including a Dump Site.

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Mr Mike Nsan, Founder and National Coordinator of Child Rights and You (CRY) can be contacted on: (+234) 0805 5637790

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