Travails of Salaried Workers – “Dem Never Pay Us”

-Travails of Salaried Workers – “Dem Never Pay Us”-
Part of life’s beauty arise from the narratives that we hear or read everyday. While some of such narratives are fictitious, others are real.

My bosom friend, Paulinus Ogbeche, is a good narrator of unforgettable stories. I recall that several years ago, he told me a story about “Dem never pay us” and “Na you give me work?” According to him, a certain teacher in Obudu, Cross River State, was fond of saying “Dem never pay us”, each time his wife asked for money from him. The woman took it calmly and worked hard as a gardener, to sustain her husband and their children. However, she got fed up when “Dem never pay us” filled her ears at a certain time when teachers in public schools were owed several months of salary.

In response to that unfortunate development, the woman bought a dog and named it “Dem never pay us”. Each time her husband asked for food, she hollered “Dem never pay us!”, “Dem never pay us!” Her dog dutifully appeared at such times. That teacher got his wife’s message when “Dem never pay us” became his substitute for meals. In response, he borrowed money and bought his own dog.


He named his skinny dog “Na you give me work?” and resumed his request for food. Each time his wife invited “Dem never pay us”, he replied by inviting “Na you give me work?” Somehow, the relationship between those two dogs became as adversarial as the relationship between their owners. The dogs always fought as if they were protesting against their strange names. Eventually, the couple separated as a result of the constant “Dem never pay us” and “Na you give me work?”

I am recalling this story today because “They have not paid us” has become everyday language amongst staff of Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH). Some homes may be suffering, as a result of this.

“They have not paid us” is affecting morale of staff, at the expense of their core duties. Some staff of that university are now diversifying, to make ends meet. Most of them may start regarding work in that university as part time work. If urgent action is not taken by owners of the university to address this anomaly, teaching and learning would suffer once more.

I sympathize with students of that school! However, their lecturers and other staff are still putting in their time.

Yet, “Dem never pay us” is not a lie.

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  • Cornelius Ellah

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