Former Dean of Student Affairs Challenges State University

-Former Dean of Student Affairs Challenges State University-
Professor Uduak Effiong, former Dean of Student Affairs in Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH), has challenged the university to be proactive in showcasing her best.

Professor Effiong gave this challenge yesterday when he commented on Resameokim Oyama’s article on the current security situation in CRUTECH. He described that article as “apt” and “beautiful”, adding that: “I wish the Department can organise this kind of articles from your students into a magazine and publish quarterly or even annually. When I was the Dean of Student Affairs in CRUTECH, the students of Mass Communication Department engaged me in several interview sessions and I was always proud of their professional capability, even in training.”

In that vein, the former Dean of Student Affairs submitted that: “One of our problems in CRUTECH, and there are a myriad of them, is that we are reluctant to showcase our best products, laudable achievements to the world. We want the world to come and see. No! The world may not have that time. It is our responsibility to put up what we have before the world. When they see, as it is often said ‘seeing is believing,’ the world would believe in us, respect us, and have more positive expectations of our university.”

Professor Effiong is the Presiding Prelate of African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Eastern West Africa Episcopal District. This Reporter had a lengthy telephone conversation with him this morning, as a follow-up to his comment on CRUTECH. In that conversation, Professor Effiong dwelled on the need for the administrators of CRUTECH to restore the tradition of giving annual awards to the university’s best students in each class. He said that students would be motivated to excel, when they notice that merit is constantly rewarded.


Professor Uduak Effiong, former Dean of Student Affairs in Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH), and Presiding Prelate of African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Eastern West Africa Episcopal District.

The Professor and Bishop regretted that the university has lost the tradition of having Counsellors in various Faculties, adding that this loss deprives students of the opportunity of receiving proper guidance on their psychological needs. According to him, this leaves a vacuum that could breed anxiety and tension in the student population.

Meanwhile, Cletus Ibu, another reader of Resameokim Oyama’s  article, described the article as a “great writeup”. He added: “… I studied in that Citadel when it was the prestigious PolyCal. When will enough be enough? When will one dead be too many? The security have always been same. They ‘secure’ only their pocket. Often nonchalant to the students they are employed to guard. Professionals should be engaged and properly equipped for the job. May the soul of the dead rest”.

Also, Blessing Walter, a final year student of Department of Mass Communication, CRUTECH, agreed with Resame Oyama’s position on the calibre of security personnel in CRUTECH. She stated in a WhatsApp message to this Reporter that, “I think their main work is to chase students that are wearing jean and sleeveless top.”

In a slightly similar vein, Mrs Edang Yolanda Ekpo Bassey, a lecturer in Department of  Mass Communication, sarcastically differed from Resame Oyama’s outright criticism of CRUTECH’s security personnel, stating that they are not completely incompetent.

In a WhatsApp message sent to this Reporter, Mrs Ekpo Bassey stated that: “Resame doesn’t know the use of the personnel at CRUTECH’s gate because she lives in the hostel. It is unfortunate that she feels they are only there for taking statements after the fact. Yet that alone is proof the personnel are very diligent at the jobs for which they are equipped, and if she passed through those gates daily on her way to school, she’d see the personnel at the gate hard at work on most days: As Fashion Police!”

She also urged the student body and their representatives to stop awaiting solutions from others. Mrs Ekpo Bassey asked: “What are the student representatives doing? Or is security not a good enough ‘Greatest gbasa! … Gbasa! … Greatest gbisi!!! … Gbisi!!! … I want to say!!! …Say!!!! … I want to ginger!!!! … Ginger!!!!’ reason?”

She further stated that “if student representatives don’t exist or are as effective as the authorities they frequently complain about, can’t the student body independently constructively advocate for their rights? Are marches around campus only for times of bereavement? Or gathering together hordes of students only for beauty pageants and talent shows?”

“The university’s management is battling a myriad of problems it cannot effectively address because of inadequate funds … The CRUTECH Visitor is a lover of youth: CRUTECH students should get him to put money where his mouth is.”

In a related development, this Reporter noticed heavy presence of security personnel including men of the Nigerian Army close to CRUTECH’s gate, today. When he was driving into the school this afternoon, an armed soldier stationed near Ekpo Abasi roundabout close to the school’s gate, flagged him to a halt. The soldier asked him to declare what his car’s booth contained. The Reporter was politely permitted to proceed, when he explained that the booth accommodates only his car’s spare tyre.

However, when The Reporter drove and parked briefly inside the school’s premises close to the gate, he observed that pedestrians were not being halted for similar questioning on what they may have been carrying. Similarly, no booth of cars that were stopped, was opened for checking,

It would be recalled that a young man was killed by a gunman inside the university’s premises last Friday. Today’s unusual heavy presence of security personnel at the institution’s gate may not be unconnected to that incident. Also, some students of the university reportedly staged a demonstration to Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution (PHED) and Cross River State Fire Service offices yesterday, over the death of a male student of the university last Monday.

The student was reportedly electrocuted when a wire belonging to PHED snapped at Adak Uko in Calabar South, Cross River State. A lady also reportedly died as a result of that snapped wire. The identities of those two departed persons were not ascertained at the time of filing this report. It was gathered that the snapped wire fell on a roof where those two departed souls resided. That residence was razed by the fire that accompanied the accident.

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