Security Issues at the Beautiful Gate

-Security Issues at the Beautiful Gate-
“F-E-A-R has two meanings:
‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘
Face Everything And Rise’.
The choice is yours.”  – 
Zig Ziglar-

Resameokim Oyama, a third year student of Mass Communication in Cross River University of Technology, has exemplified the correctness of the above quotation in the following article that arose from last Friday’s killing of a young man in the premises of the university.

As a third year student of mass communication, Resame has been exemplary in practicing what she was taught about the hazards of journalism. Surely, she has chosen to “face everything and rise” rather than “forget everything and run”.

Please read this budding writer’s  reaction to the  security situation in CRUTECH:

CRUTECH gate: It’s a rather beautiful gate. I think it’s even The Beautiful Gate, with lame men who need the power of God to stand up and walk.

I should say CRUTECH has security issues, but I really can’t. You cannot have issues with something you don’t have in the first place. CRUTECH has no form of security whatsoever. In my opinion, the security post, the police and all the men at the gate are just as good as statues meant to beautify the premises.

I have been a student in CRUTECH for three (3) years, and it is not rare to hear that a student was shot or robbed or beaten or drowned. It was all a joke until it happened to me. I was robbed in my own hostel room. If the hostel of all places cannot be safe, then where else in the school can be? But yet, there are men at the gate. These men at the gate who could do nothing to protect me but give me a piece of paper to write what happened. Who did that help? What investigation was done after that day?

Boys were attacked and tortured in their hostel at one time. The story died that night. No one did anything about it the next day, and the day after that. Students have been attacked in classrooms at night by robbers dressed as the men at the gate. Have they been caught? Have new security measures been employed? I guess not.


Last Friday, someone was shot and killed, just like that, and yet there are men at the gate. Sometimes I wonder what they are protecting at that gate. It’s not like everyone comes in through it anyway. The criminals do not need to go through the gates to get into the school. There is no fence around so, in other words, the gate is just a billboard really, a billboard to show you where CRUTECH is situated.

Even at the gate, robberies happen. Just last Sunday, I was coming back from church and a girl was crying that some guys robbed her of her phone, just close to the gate, in broad daylight. But there are men at the gate. We’d be better off without the men at the gate. The men who have turned the place into a summertime resort with reclining chairs, that sit and watch cars drive in and ask for just a student ID card as security clearance.

We would be better off without the men at the gate who are too far away to hear the terrified screams of students in danger. We would be better off without the men at the gate who are too chicken and lazy to stand on their feet and go around the school to protect the people.

The men at the gate have no weapons. What exactly are they planning to protect us with? Their fists? The criminals have ammunition but the security doesn’t. Why?

Some of the men at the gate seem fit for retirement and yet still come to work to sleep at the gate. A good number of them are not properly educated, a better number are uninterested about the job and some of them have no intention of saving anyone’s life but their own. But they are men at the gate.

The only thing the men at the gate are good for is for writing statements. If you have been attacked and you feel like documenting it so that you don’t forget the experience in the future, you can go to the gate. They have a lot of paper.

We would be better off without the men at the gate because they are really doing nothing.

  • Resameokim Oyama
    Third Year Student of Mass Communication
    Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH)

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