Shades of Many Colours – Diversity is Our Strength (Part 2)

-Shades of Many Colours – Diversity is Our Strength-
It is said that “variety is the spice of life”. This implies that life’s beauty arises from the differences of its creatures. It suggests that life would have been boring, if everybody or everything was similar.

As much as you may want to maintain values peculiar to you or your group, that strong sense of basic human empathy, acceptance, understanding and an attitude of “live and let live” must be. These must be the underlining tone in all our human engagements.

No one, not even you would like to be hated, ignored, castigated, and pushed aside just for having a certain difference. That difference could be by choice or by nature. Very often one’s nationality, tribe, ethnic group, religion may not have been by one’s choice. You may decide to change it later, but can we just try and be open to this difference that this person is? Yes. You did not decide on your skin colour, and even if you did, why would I hate you for your skin colour. I would not want to be treated differently because of my skin colour.


The beauty of nature is in its diversity.

Even you would want to be treated like a human being, rather than for some difference you carry. Remember the old maxim, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”. It is also said that “what goes around comes around”. If today someone else is disrespected for some diversity in their life, and you are there, you just agree, accept or join in, be sure that it will get to your turn soon, in one way or the other.

There is no excuse for behaviours and attitudes that oppress, marginalize, suppress, disregard persons of other “differences”. Nonetheless, we must speak out against groups that cause harm to others, groups that destroy rather than build, persons or groups that disrupt peaceful and harmonious co-existence, and even governments/leaderships that marginalize minority groups and people of a certain diversity.

So long as humans live together, this will be a continuous journey and struggle. Justice, fairness, respect, peace and harmony must be our watch word. However, if a person or group of persons disobey or obstruct the basic rights of others, then the law should be enforced and allowed to take its course to curb that disturbance.

No one around you should be treated as inferior or feel persecuted for belonging to a certain religion or a certain tribe/ethnic group. You can take this as a personal responsibility to stand up or speak up for what is not right.

No one is a finite being and so you do not have a monopoly to human life and destinies. That this person is not like you does not give you the power to hurt, cause harm or condemn a person. For, not even twins and siblings of the same parents have the same behaviour, thinking, likes, dislikes and even approach to life.

My appeal, once again, is that, as individuals, do open your hearts to the shades of many colours and diversity that we are in the human society. Each person is unique and special. Together we make a great team. Our differences and diversity is simply an embodiment of the human nature we see around us.

Our Diversity is Our Strength!

  • Linda Ellah

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