To the Girl Child: “You are a Phenomenal Woman”

-To the Girl Child: “You are a Phenomenal Woman”-
Hey people! Happy international Girl Child’s Day to y’all! One thing I’m most passionate about, is girls (this includes all females), and today has made me all mushy. How it all started is story for another day, but today is for appreciation and a reminder of what we are capable of. This is what I have been living, and I’m still living the life. Everyday it’s a triumph, with loads of satisfaction inside me, shining out. I am a phenomenal woman!

I wish you could see my heart right now; it’s filled with so much love for y’all (I’m tearing up already; *laughs*). I just want to say, Girl you are able! Girl you’re strong! Girl you are so beautiful, inside and out, any way you look at it (trust n’ believe that). You may not feel it some days, you may not even see it when you look in the mirror, but I see it, I do. Girl, you are phenomenal!

Girl you are something the world cannot get enough of! Girl you’re powerful! Girl you don’t need any validation, because you have been approved! Girl you don’t need anyone to be happy, you’re happiness…. Chin up, head high, and walk the walk because you are a dynamite girl! You can be everything God wants you to be. Yes, from now.

I wish you could see yourself through the eyes I now see myself; it’s pure gold, baby! I wish I knew sooner how precious I was (better late than never, aye?). Sometimes, we let things that we can totally control and handle get hold of us, and ride us.

How about this? You’re a born rider, take that bull by the horn and ride it to the ends of the earth! And along the way infect your daughters, sisters, Mother-in-law, aunties, and girlfriends with your strength and “phenomenality” (I made that up. I couldn’t help it *laughs*).

You can do whatever girl! Be whatever! And it’s all because you’re a girl that knows her worth. We should stop pulling others down to climb. Girls have gotta stick together, because this is a together thing. I’m glad I’m surrounded by girls who are aware! They surround me everyday with warmth, love and support.

Do something today and encourage a girl; give an approving nod, a smile, a kind word, or a warm hug (as I would prefer *smiles mischievously*) would do.

Happy Girl Child Day again!
Stay strong girls and hold your crown steady.

  • Bukola Edgar

Student of Mass Communication – Year 3
Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH)

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