Ransome’s Poem: The Daily Attributes of Life and Love

-Ransome’s Poem: The Daily Attributes of Life and Love-

In every life is beauty
In every beauty joy
In every heart is gold
The same heart which is evil!

In every path is a hole
In every hole a path
In every light is darkness
Save the Light of Truth!

In every truth is goodness
In every lie is a conscience
In every noise is silence
In every silence noise!

In every hate is love
In every love hate
The love which has no hate
Is the Love of the Way!

In every white there is black
In every darkness is a star
The sky is blue
In darkness there is a glow!


In every weakness is strength
In every strength is weakness
The chest of the rock is a fortress
The fury of the sea is wild!

In every foolishness is pride
In every pride is a fall
In every wisdom is grace
The Grace that surpasses all!

In peace is violence
The violent man is a fool
In every craziness is sanity
The sane drink of madness!

In every you is me
In every me your eyes
In every heart is a secret
In every tongue a gossip!

In every heaven there is hell
In every angel there is a devil
In earth there is time
In every time there is a duty!

The beauty of living is loving!

  • Ransome Obem
    22nd August, 2017

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