Independence Day Message – Nigeria is not Buhari

-Independence Day Message – Nigeria is not Buhari-
I hate Nigeria. This country is so messed up! The President is incompetent, corruption will never end and poverty is everywhere! I’m moving out and never coming back!
These are the proclamations of the citizens of a country who wish more than anything that some good would come out of her. 190 million tongues, spitting curses in her face. 190 million voices, screaming blue murder, making her deaf to the few positive comments that could raise her up. 190 million hands pushing the blame onto her laps. Is it really a wonder why we’re so far behind?
We seem to have forgotten that this country is made up of all of us. We fail to realize that Nigeria is not just the ground, Nigeria is not just the government, Nigeria is not just Buhari but everyone that comes from this land, regardless of where you run to. Speak the right words and expect the right results. Remember when you say Nigeria, you are talking about yourself because Nigeria is you. If Nigeria won’t move forward, it means you won’t.
This country has been through a lot. But whose fault is it? We use our mouths to curse the very place we live in and pray to God for a change. Well guess what? We got one, and we can all confess that it’s been a really painful one. Did we really think that President Buhari would wave a magic wand like he was a fairy godfather and Nigeria would be alright? Did we think that N1 would be equal to the dollar in such a short time? Are we even doing anything to help that cause or are we too busy feeling sorry for ourselves? We are quick to push the blame on the Presidents. I will admit, they have done some really terrible things, but we forget too easily that a leader is first a common follower who decides to pick up the torch and show the way. It could be anyone of us.
The America we’re all trying to run to hasn’t always had it all peachy and perfect and they still don’t. They were once colonized like we were. We’re not the only people to have suffered slavery. They didn’t run away from their home because the living condition was so bad. They didn’t sit all day complaining and wishing. They stayed back, picked up their tools, screamed ”God bless America!” at the top of their lungs and fought for what they wanted. They’ve had 45 presidents lead the way to where they are today and I know they didn’t do it alone. The citizens helped. Louis Sullivan built the houses, while John Lane,  Leonard Andrus, McCormick and John Deere took care of farming.
Benjamin Franklin found electricity to help with the work and also made the bifocal lenses for those who couldn’t see. Graham Bell made the telephone so they could communicate better while Thomas Edison made light bulbs to replace the candles and make things safer while they worked. Ben Carson treated the sick while Rosa Parks, Martin Luther and Abraham Lincoln fought to free black people so everyone could be happy. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg went ahead to improve communication, while Bill Cosby made them all laugh and forget how hard the work was. Myles Monroe preached the gospel with Jerry Savelle, Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin while Oliver Evans and Henry Ford made cars to move around with.
Their Presidents were there but they weren’t doing all the work. We shouldn’t expect ours to. If you don’t like the educational system, build a school. If you don’t like the fact that there is no constant light, open a power supply company. If there isn’t enough food, cultivate a farm and if there isn’t any water, dig a well. That’s the only way N1 (Naira) will be equal to $1 (Dollar). It’s not going to happen by magic. ”Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”— John F. Kennedy. That’s a really important thing to remember.
However, that is still no excuse for the leaders though. Anyone who plans to take up the position should do so with a bigger picture in mind. It is really shameful to see that greed has been the only propeller for leadership in this country. It’s about time something different happened in this place.
Nigerians, pick up a tool and scream ”God bless Nigeria!” at the top of your lungs and start doing something or we’ll be stuck in this same spot for the rest of the foreseeable and even the unforeseeable future.
So, Happy Birthday to all of us.
Happy Birthday Nigeria and God Bless Us!
  • Oyama, Resame Okim Odey
    Student of Mass Communication – Year 3
    Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH)

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