International Peace Day Calls for Peace!

The International Day of Peace was observed around the World yesterday, September 21st. Also known as “Peace Day”, the day was set aside by the United Nations in 1981 as a date for all humanity to show commitment to peace above all differences and to contribute in building a Culture of Peace. The theme of this year’s Peace Day was: “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”. Against that background, Nkiruka Nnaemego, a friend of LinCornellah’s blog, wrote the following insightful piece. Her piece speaks to everyone in Nigeria, particularly our leaders, as our country grapples with unrest, insecurity and other challenges that are antithetical to peace.
Happy reading!
Hurray…! It is International Peace Day!
 Yes,  but are we really peaceful?
Dear friends, please join me in asking our world leaders to seek peace.
To our leaders, You took oath of office to protect your citizens.
 Why do you incite violence or keep quiet when your people are in danger?
Is it because of your Security Vote?
Remember that such security vote only lasts while you are in office.
Just as you entered the office, you shall exit.
Will you exit with your head held high or bowed down?
 Whatever goes around comes around!!!
To those funding violence, remember that you are not
and can never be GOD!!!  Whatever you do can only last for a while
because the God of justice is still on the throne.
He sees everything.
He is the Lord of the Harvest.
Just as the gardener, he shall gather in the harvest and prune his plants.
Stop funding Violence and Evil!!!
The money spent on nuclear weapons, light and small arms proliferation
can be used to improve livelihoods of the citizens especially the poor and vulnerable.
To my fellow citizens, we have a key role to play
in promoting a culture of peace in our homes, churches,
mosques, markets, schools, offices and the society.
To victims of violence, please accept my sympathy
and apology for the wrongs done to you.
May God comfort you and restore whatever you lost.
To the innocent souls we lost to violence,
May you rest in peace in the Bossom of our Lord.
To those perpetrating violence, ask yourself this question:
Can you re-create the lives and property that you are destroying?
Enough is enough. Stop the bloodshed!
Please dis-arm, demobilize and reintegrate yourselves into the society.
Make peace with God your Creator and your family/community.
To our faith and traditional leaders, stop the discrimination, division and exploitation.
Do not incite violence with your hate teachings.
To our peacekeepers, you are instruments of protection, not destruction!
Please protect our lives and property.
To all citizens of the world
No matter our race, gender, creed or colour,
So, let us not fight the enemy but find better and common ways
to address the root cause of the enmity.
Let us Embrace Peace!
God bless!
 Love from Nkiruka Nnaemego
Barr. Nkiruka Nnaemego is the CEO and Founder at Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative (FBI Nigeria), an initiative to stimulate positive change, promote social responsibility, environmental sustainability and spirit of volunteerism in our society as well as facilitate inter-generational relationship (

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