Freedom of Worship: My Denomination, My Choice

Freedom of Worship: My Denomination, My Choice
Recently, I posted a picture of myself in my white garment (yes I attend Cherubim and Seraphim) on one of my social media accounts, and I received lots of comments, some offensive (I don’t really mind, bring it on!), others curious, and others just plain indifferent. It was something else, as I had to explain why I chose Cherubim and Seraphim as my church and also debunk many of the “myths” surrounding my church. Some of the comments were unbelievable!

I personally feel that of all the Christian denominations, Cherubim and Seraphim is the most misunderstood. I cannot say I blame people, because it is hard to understand something when you’re looking from the outside. So, I’m going to act as a medium, having tasted, and still tasting fellowship from two denominations. We are one, really!

People have their fears concerning “white garment church”, some justified (because of the errors of some impostors or supposed anointed men, which by the way, is present in every denomination) and other fears totally baseless and untrue (I blame it on the super human ability Nigerians possess to turn stories to the wild side). There’s talk about how white garment churches are fetish or diabolical, but I say confidently, that I have never caught wind of any diabolical events for the nineteen or so years I’ve been going there (yes I was born there).

Any questions about the mode of dressing can be answered simply with an explanation that in the olden days when the church was founded, the founders wanted something simple and uniform, that beats the troubles of what to wear. “What do I combine with this?” (My pentecostal people, you know how it is now). Hence, they agreed on the colour white, because it signified purity. Now everyone of us can be uniform in the place of worship and not get distracted by another person’s outfit, or “sauce” because we’re literally wearing the same thing. So what’s new?

Not to bore you, but we believe as much as you do (if you’re a true believer) that Jesus is Lord, and that there is only one God! And we believe in the Trinity… oh yes to answer another question, we read the Bible (I’ve been asked that, to my face). I hope this eliminates some and even better all of the doubts you may have about Cherubim and Seraphim.

Bukola Edgar
Student of Mass Communication – Year 3
Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH)


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