The Travails of Parents – Your Child Your Crown (Part 1)

-Travails of Parenthood – Your Child Your Crown (Part 1)-
Parents, know your child! The life of a new born child is like that of a brand new slate. It is an empty page, an open book, waiting to be written upon.  As a parent, you have this beautiful opportunity to write on the first slate of someone’s life. We can guide them along the way so that they are not left to figure out life by themselves.

Parents/guardian indeed have a grave responsibility to monitor, guide and guard their child/children/wards, particularly in the formative years – from 0 to 12. These children do not ask to be born. It is your choices as parents that brought them to be. Therefore, parents have the ultimate responsibility to care for their children/wards properly, keep them in a safe environment, and provide for their needs.

Ways to Know your Child

Our kids are not just there to be provided for. We can get involved with each of the kids, and not only buy them material things. Your child needs to engage with you. S/he needs to experience you as dad or mom, on a personal level; one-on-one. If you do not spend ample, and quality time with a child, you will not know that child.

So, know your child. Be one with your child especially in the basic formative years when you still have the opportunity to mould him/her spiritually, emotionally, physically, academically, psychologically and socially.

Know your child’s history. There are probably things that have affected the child as he/she grew up. Know these factors, be it environment, individuals who influenced them, circumstances, misfortunes, family, and any other possible factors in the child’s history.

Also, it is also important to know your child’s talents, fears, weaknesses, strengths, personality and tendencies. Know their dreams and aspirations. A certain child kept saying that he would have a factory and employ people. The dream came true. Hence, when we know our children’s aspirations, we can guide them accordingly.

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows
he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). 

Have an activity which you carry out with each of your kids/teenagers. Indeed, this will give each a sense of his/her uniqueness and that child will have time to just be with dad or with mum when that activity is being carried out. This will boost their self-esteem and the child will have a sense of his or her importance as part of the larger family.

(To be continued – Part 2 & 3)

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