Buhari’s Speech is a Lion’s Roar – Senator Shehu Sani


Buhari’s Speech is a Lion’s Roar – Senator Shehu Sani
Senator Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District in Nigeria’s National Assembly, has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s address yesterday, 21st August, as a “Lion’s roar”.

He posted his reaction on his Facebook wall, shortly after the President’s live broadcast to the nation. Here is his detailed post:

“The President spoke the mind of Nigerians who cherishes our unity, peace and collective progress. He spoke as a nationalist and he spoke my mind a hundred percent.”

“He sent a clear message to terrorists, ethnic irredentists, secessionists and champions of sectionalism that this union is an indissoluble matrimony in all circumstances. The president’s speech was a Lion’s roar meant to reaffirm and reinforce the unity of a nation showing signs of disintegration during his absence.”

“The President speech was a lion’s roar meant to wake up a slumbering nation dangerously forgetting the lessons of its history and the calling of its future.”

“The President’s speech was a lion’s roar mean to extinguish the Soviet/Yugoslavia inferno stoking in our country. During the President’s absence, our hard-earned trophy of peace and plaque of unity were gathering dust and gradually been eaten by ants and bugs, the Lion Roar to clear them.”

“Our dreams and visions for a better country can be achieved without the need to subscribe to disorder or surrender to it. The roaring Lion may have disappointed “Biafranistas” and “Restuctunistas” and “Evictionistas” but its pleasing to “nationalistas”.

It would be recalled that one month ago, Senator Sani metaphorically used animals to describe President Buhari’s health situation, stating that in the absence of the “Lion King… hyenas and the jackals are scheming and talking to each other in whispers, still doubting whether the Lion King will be back or not.”

Although Senator Sani’s Facebook post on President Buhari’s speech attracted 487 likes at the time of this report, a Facebook user, Immanuel James Ibe-Anyanwu differed from him. He wrote:

“Honest submission, Senator Shehu Sani. The President spoke your mind. It is in the interest of politicians and profiteers of the system that Nigeria remains the way it is. You are, like other Nigerian politicians, profiting from this shambolic state of affairs. You are not at the receiving end of our misery, so he spoke your mind.”

“You talk of unity that does not exist to begin with. If you live in a family where members are always fighting and killing each other but live in the same house anyway, that is “hard-earned” unity to you? Wow!”

“I’m not for the breaking of Nigeria, but no true patriot will be impressed with the way things are and the President’s speech of governance by threats. But of course, saying this means I’m not a patriot, according to those who mistake partisanship for patriotism”.

Similarly, the President’s broadcast trended on twitter yesterday, as #Presidentialbroadcast. Tweeter Active (@_Tweeteractive) wrote: “After absence from duty for 105 days, your employee has the guts to walk up to you and offer a 5 minute explanation”.

Grace (@G4Grace) wrote: “What about addressing ASUU and other pressing needs, so students sitting at home is less important than social media.”

Meanwhile, this blog’s post titled “President Buhari is Back to Work” published yesterday, received the following comment from Doyin, a reader of it.

“It’s great having PMB back and we thank God for sustaining him. I think it was very sad to see us get so heated about the man’s absence to the point of an almost total collapse of our country. I say this because it wasn’t as if there was a power vacuum, or as though there were suddenly certain rights and privileges we stopped enjoying as Nigerians in PMB’s absence. I personally feel this was immature of us. It was like a father going in away and leaving a sitter with his kids and suddenly the kids start talking about moving out into different new homes. Silly! That said, Nigeria is one of only countries in the world in which an elected president can be away for that long without serious discussions about impeachment. Imagine Trump’s feet don’t stepon U.S. soil for 100 days! I bet there would be rioting and protests in many U.S. streets.”

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