DSTV now a National Television – Former NTA Broadcaster

DSTV now a National Television in Nigeria – Former NTA Broadcaster
Patrick Oke, a seasoned broadcaster and former Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) newscaster, has stated that DSTV has become a national television in Nigeria because “more Nigerians watch DSTV everyday than they watch the local stations.”

He stated this while presenting this week’s episode of  “Marian Awareness”, a weekly Christian religious program on HIT 95.9 FM, Calabar, Cross River State.

Patrick Oke said that some television channels promote evil and sexual immorality. He predicted that as a result of this, “what we see now is nothing compared to what is going to happen in Nigeria soon. If all this impurity and immorality is allowed to be perpetrated through television and videos, the next generation are going to be sexual perverts. It would be unsafe for any young girl to walk the streets in another ten years. You would be hearing of a rape and a murder every second, like it happens in certain parts of Africa. You would be hearing of assaults, even if you are not hearing about it already.”

The former NTA newscaster said that when that time comes, people should not wonder why such crimes occur. Rather, people should remember that “they have allowed public television and DSTV to corrupt the minds of Nigerians. How are Nigerian young men, brimming with adrenaline, going to avoid being tempted into sexual rapes and so on, when all they see on television, through music and through videos, in the films, even these days in documentaries on television… now they talk about mating rights of monkeys, mating rights of lions, mating rights  of rhinos, and actually show you monkeys and rhinos, you know, you know, having sex and no one is checking whatever our young people are watching. It is not so abroad. Even with all the checks abroad, now see how the West is, morally.”


Patrick Oke’s remarks are a challenge to broadcast regulatory bodies in Nigeria such as National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and National Films and Video Censors Board (NFVCB). He said that: “Somebody somewhere is doing some thinking, while somebody here is not doing any thinking at all. That is why they say ‘the world is dominated by the unthinking class. Only the thinking few govern them.’  Thinking few are the ones who know the ideas and the behavior they want to project on the children of God and they  have the means, the media to project these ideas. And that is what they are doing.”

He recalled that certain nations and empires no longer exist because they were destroyed by sexual immorality. According to him, ”this is what they want to do to us in our country; create a sexual information that would bring down and destroy our people.” He enjoined Nigerians to reverse this trend by being friends of Saint Raphael and other Archangels.

Patrick Oke was also a presenter of Newsline on NTA, alongside Late Yinka Craig.

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