Man is an Ingrate, says Environmentalist Raphael Ofuka

-Man is an Ingrate, says Environmentalist Raphael Ofuka-
Environmental matters are very central to our human existence. This is because in order to survive, we need to live in such a way that we manage our environment, so that in turn it becomes sustainable for our living. We do not only live for today. We are obliged to take care of the earth such that it can sustain future generations to come. Destroying the environment is like biting the finger that feeds you.

In this vein, an Environmentalist and Secretary of the Cross River State Environmental and Carbon Emission Board, Dr. Raphael Ofuka, has described man as “an ingrate” because “man erodes from the soil from which he was created but fails to pay back to the soil”. He specifically condemned the practice of excavating the soil to build tiled graves, explaining that “When you tile a grave, the ingredients in man decay and remain in the tile. It is just there. But man should replenish and serve as vegetable to the soil”. Dr. Ofuka stated this during a recent conversation with LinCornellah’s blog.


Dr Raphael Ofuka, Environmentalist and Secretary of the Cross River State Environmental and Carbon Emission Board.

According to him, Muslims are “better men” than Christians in this regard because their dead bodies are usually not buried in tiled graves. He added that neither are their dead bodies encased in environmentally unfriendly caskets.

Although this blog has no immediate empirical evidence of Dr. Ofuka’s claim on faith-related burial rites, we feel that his words should serve as food for thought in this era of recession. We all need to save some money and tighten our belts. The less expenses we make on burials and items that do not serve our economic wellbeing,  the better for us.

Besides, Behaviour Change is necessary, if we must preserve our natural environment for future generations.

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