The Ideal Place of a Woman – Part 2

The woman’s place in the family and society.
The woman’s place is beautifully in the home. A woman is a home-maker. No emphasis on when she allows herself to be a home-breaker. She must choose to use her energies/power positively rather than negatively. Her ordinary tendency and best self is when she builds a home. She attends to the needs of the home.

When her spouse or partner is out there, she is a fortitude for the home. When her partner is out there catching fun with friends, the woman is there nurturing and guarding her home. Home is where the heart is; yes, her heart is in the home. Though she must also find time to go out, be with good friends and have some good and memorable moments with her partner. This is necessary for her sanity, as the pressures of work and home care could sometimes weigh on her.

A woman is a leader, a decision maker. She is a family-builder and an integral part of society. She drives the world. She makes the world happen. She is not God, but she is God’s instrument. You build her; you build a nation. You desecrate her; you desecrate a nation. So, beware! Those who see her as a sloth, a tool/toy, a great body for pleasure and selfish satisfaction, beware! Mother nature detests disharmony!

“Men must teach one another that real men do not violate or oppress women –
and that a woman’s place is not just in the home or the field,
but in schools and offices and boardrooms.” – Ban Ki-moon

As a leader, much strength lies within her to re-create, to nurture, to build, to innovate. She daily discovers solutions to the world’s problems. She is smart, beautiful, creative, intelligent and hardworking. She cannot just be tossed around because she is female. She has a mission to fulfil within her home, in society and in the world at large.

The woman’s place in the life of her children


As I write this in the very early hours of the morning, my two-year-old daughter has assumed the same position as I am, writing too. You can imagine how great she is feeling, doing exactly what mum is doing. The truth is, she writes more often than I do. The house has rough books and pens in different corners just to ensure that whenever she says, “I write”, she gets her writing materials with immediate effect. She has just exchanged my pen with hers, like it would do her any good. Ok, I got my pen back. Mine writes better, so am glad to get it back.

Your daughters and sons have their place in the world, thanks to the women in their lives. Dads and male guardians have their very important place too, no doubt. However, today’s concentration; just as you observe is the woman’s place. In the modern world, there are still parents who prioritize their sons over their daughters to the detriment of the girl-child. In some homes today, she is neglected to the background even though she may be older than the boy(s).

Nothing justifies treating a male child better than a female child, and vice versa. An unfair treatment of one over the other always backfires because no child is a moron. They each have their unique contribution to make. Male and females of all ages and walks of life are meant to complement each other. Even nature itself accommodates and promotes equality and balance.

Your girl-child is an achiever; she is a writer, a singer, an administrator, a farmer, a renowned driver, a business tycoon, an electrician, a manager, a social worker, a carpenter, a blogger, a director, a head-teacher, a lecturer and professor, a consultant, an actress, a pilot, an entertainer, and medical personnel! She is simply an achiever!

So, you still want to know a woman’s place?
A woman’s place is anywhere she wants to be.
Where she thrives is her place in the world.
There, is her ideal place!

  • Linda Ellah

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