Sower’s Reward – The Joys of a Teacher

A Sower’s Reward – The Joys of a Teacher
– Teaching is sowing; it pays.
I feel remunerated, each time I notice some of my former students attaining great heights in life. I feel blessed to have some of them as my colleagues. Emmanuel Inyang, Philip Ephraim, Ukam Ngwu, James Effiom and Alobo Eba are lecturers in their alma mater. Victor Ndifon and Mrs Bibiana Ineji have just joined them. In the same vein, Kalita Aruku and Inyali Peter are pioneer academic staff of the newly established Department of Mass Communication, University of Calabar. All of them were my students at various times.

Last night, Emmanuel, Ukam, Kalita and Inyali hosted Dr Michael Nzan, Stephen Nyong and I in what turned out to be a lavish dinner. Nzan and Nyong also taught them. These former students took turns to eulogize each of us. We also took turns to share our experiences with them. I felt good!

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As we reminisced away, Nzan jokingly told me that when I attended an interview for employment as a Lecturer several years ago, one of our colleagues whispered to other Lecturers: ”That one. Is he coming here? We go kneel am down o!” That colleague was already an established Lecturer in the department, at that time. He is currently my good friend. Perhaps he made that remark as a joke. It is also possible that my boyish looks at that time discomforted him.

Nonetheless, I need to state that nobody has monopoly over any occupation. Anybody can become ”somebody” in life. Nobody has arrived. There is always room for growth for everybody. Someday, our children may become students of our students. In fact, our students are our leaders of tomorrow. They would haunt and persecute us, if we look down on them today. On the other hand, they would recognize and reward us, if we teach them well.

We reap what we sow. A Sower gets rewarded for his/her labour. Such is life!

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