Writing, a Passion that Speaks of Me

-Writing, a Passion that Speaks of Me.
I have been writing for over 17 years and when I say writing, I mean scribbling on paper. I truly started writing when I was eight. I would disturb my mother daily with my endless stories of fairies, mystical creatures and little girls in pink frock dresses, throwing birthday parties in secret gardens. There was never any difference in the story-line. My mother would always predict the ending; everyone would be happy because the fairy saved them from the goblins and granted their wishes and everyone would go home with cakes.

Enid Blyton, an English Children’s writer, hand-shaped my imagination, thinking and reasoning. She shaped an innocent and naïve mind with her books at least until high school. In high school, I wrote stories about people, real people. The mystical creatures vanished and psychic powers replaced them.


I began writing essays too. Essays as assignments from school of course. Essays and debates on topics and issues I didn’t care much about. But now, I care a lot about those issues. Now, as a grown person, I write on my own accord. Enid Blyton doesn’t tell me what to think anymore and neither do my teachers. No one forces me to write essays and articles on biased topics. My mind now thinks for itself.

I look at the world and find what to write about. Pen is like a microphone. I take the mic and say what I want to say about anything. If the government pisses me off, I scream in the microphone about what I hate, I yell in the mic and rebuke their actions, and if someone does something good, I sing their praises in that microphone, like a star on stage.

My writing speaks of who I am, it tells of what I say. If you read what I have written, you can hear my voice. It expresses what I want to say, even what I am too scared to say with my own mouth.

My writing speaks volumes of how my mind reasons. It speaks of how my eyes see; how my ears hear. It speaks of how my legs walk and where they walk to. It speaks of how my heart feels and what my heart wants.

My writing speaks of me!

  • Oyama, Resame Okim Odey
    Student of Mass Communication – Year 3
    Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH)

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