The Ideal Place of a Woman – Part 1

-The Ideal Place of a Woman – Part 1 –
What do you think about a woman’s place? To answer this question, pause a little and think. Now, there is a woman on your mind right now. She is very likely, someone special to you. She could be a sister, a mother, a cousin, a friend, a fiancée, a colleague or a mentor. That woman has a special place in your life. To some extent, every human person has a female whom they connect with. Indeed, that connection gives some meaning to life.

Now, to the matter at hand. That the woman’s place is just in the kitchen and “in the other room’’ are fantasy dreams that no longer make complete sense. Today, more than ever before, the woman is out there making the most of her life for her good and for the good of her family. Today, she is a bread winner, meeting the needs of her family and providing for them. This may not represent the entire female folks as there are those whom family, spouses, partners, culture, society and lack of employment opportunity have yet confined to the kitchen and to the other room. Nonetheless, that a woman’s place is out there is a growing reality.

“For you men who think a woman’s place is in the kitchen,
that’s where the knives are kept.” – Anonymous

The woman’s place is out there in the world where she can influence the world for good. But you know what? Her place out there is contentious. Her position is disputed. When new opportunities come her way, you may notice that more questions are raised . She is subjected to where society and culture seem to have placed her, even before she was born. Yet, she is a human person with adequate reasoning faculty and good sense like the male folk.

In many places, she is absent from boardrooms, senior/top management meetings, managers’ positions, decision-making fora and sometimes constitute a minority group at capacity-building opportunities and events. Even when present, her voice and contribution is more easily challenged. Her voice and perspective is easily swallowed up by loud voices. To drive a point home, she must force and push it than may be necessary, just to be heard.

“Women are the real architects of society.”
– Harriet Beeche Stowe

In such circumstance, the world misses a very crucial point for progress, development and future advancement. Her voice and her points often have direct impact on family, youth and children. Yes, because that is where her heart is. She speaks for the world, she speaks for families, for communities, for the less privileged, the deprived and oppressed. Yes, she speaks for a more accommodating future society. She is the goddess who sees to tomorrow’s continuous existence.

The woman’s place is in the heart of her children

A woman is a life giver. She gives life to children, biological or non-biological. Self-sacrifice and a nurturing tendency are gifts that nature has blessed her with. In the process of sacrificing her time and herself for her children, she gets to hear them express what they plan to do for her and buy for her when they grow up. Ask any mother who spends time with her kids and she will tell you about the houses, mansions and cars her children plan to get for her and all the monies they will give to her. Very often, the woman occupies a very special place in the heart of her children.

In most cases, the woman spends more quality time with the kids. Indeed, she is not just physically present, but she sees to their needs, nurtures, guides and instructs them about life. She is the ever-ready shoulder they can lie on, and cry on. She is there to listen to childish talks, wishful thinking and hence has the beautiful privilege of sharing her wisdom with these innocent ones.

Truly, the woman’s place is in the heart of her children. For that little baby or toddler, mum is like oxygen to hang onto. As a mother, my little child follows me around like she needs me around her to breathe. Mothers who have experienced this stickiness know that it takes a lot of patience to bear with this little one. This dependence can sometimes be tiring. However, at such moments, take a pause and look into the eyes of that child, and you will understand.

(To be continued on – Part 2)

  • Linda Ellah

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