Can our Honourable Senator Speak for Joy Odama?

Can our Honourable Senators Speak for Joy Odama?
Our minds are on Alhaji Usman Adamu, the alleged killer of Joy Odama, a 200 level student of department of Mass Communication, Cross River University of Technology Calabar (CRUTECH), Cross River State, as well as on Senator Bukar Ibrahim, Senator representing Yobe East Senatorial District in Nigeria’s Senate.


Senator Bukar Ibrahim, former Governor of Yobe State.

Senator Ibrahim was Governor of Yobe State from 1991 to 1993 and 1999 to 2007, respectively. Although he has clean records of service to his people and isn’t involved in any murder case, he is currently embroiled in a scandalous activity that resembles what Alhaji Adamu allegedly does with young girls.

It would be recalled that Joy Odama died in December 2016. Her mother, Mrs Philomena Odama, petitioned the Inspector General of Police, the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives over that death. She alleged that Joy was murdered by one Alhaji Usman Adamu, stating that the last time she saw her was when she left for the Alhaji’s house.

Mrs Odama further alleged that Alhaji Adamu offered her family the sum of four hundred thousand naira to withdraw the matter from the Police. Autopsy reports on that death indicate that Joy died of overdose of cocaine. Alhaji Adamu is reportedly in Police detention.

In an interview granted and published on June 18, 2017, Victoria Ezekiel, Alhaji Adamu’s cook, stated that this Alhaji invites young girls to his house for sex. ¬†These are her words, as reported:

”They come for sex with him. He gives them money after sleeping with them. They would enter his bedroom and lock the door. There was a certain day he asked me to boil water for him so he could take his bath. I mistakenly opened the door…. All the girls were all unclad including him.”

This implies that Alhaji Adamu wouldn’t have received public attention if he successfully had his way with Joy. Apparently, he would have continued his amoral activities without interruption with young girls in the privacy of his house, if Joy had cooperated with him.

It is against that backdrop that our minds strayed to Senator Buka Ibrahim when we watched an online video where he is shown pants down in a room, in the presence of two fully dressed ladies. The video shows him gathering and wearing his ”buka” and ”sokoto”, while one of the ladies in the room held a device that filmed the activities in that room. The other lady is shown idling around, while they waited for Senator Ibrahim to wear his clothes. Seemingly, the distinguished Senator had just completed a romp with the ladies.

Senator Ibrahim has reportedly admitted that the video is real. He has also alleged that the video was made public after futile attempts to blackmail him.

Although Senator Ibrahim is married to three women including Khadija Buka Abba Ibrahim, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, he has not publicly apologized for his action. Rather, he reportedly wonders why the public should be concerned about his private affairs.

We admit that we should not be concerned about anybody’s private affairs. Our laws oblige us to have respect for people’s private lives. But Senator Bukar Ibrahim is not just ”anybody”. He is a prominent Politician and a role model. Therefore, he cannot enjoy the same right to privacy as lay people. This explains why he should blame himself for acting in a manner that his indiscretion in private has been exposed to lay people.

Moreover, we feel concerned because this particular private affair looks like what Victoria Ezekiel described about Alhaji Adamu’s private affairs. We hope that nothing close to what allegedly happened to Joy Odama in the Alhaji’s house would also happen in what has been described as Senator Ibrahim’s Guest House.

Also, we feel concerned because Senator Ibrahim’s indiscretion in that incident is not in sync with the sober mood in his part of Nigeria where the activities of Boko Haram have not completely abated. Apparently, he carouses, while his constituents burn and mourn.

Again, we are bothered about how Nigeria’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs would be perceived by foreigners, following her husband’s recently exposed private lifestyle. Wouldn’t she be perceived as the wife of a man that gallivants with women of easy virtues? Is such perception good for her and for Nigeria’s foreign image?

Most importantly, we feel concerned because Mrs Philomina Odama has taken her family’s plight to the National Assembly where Senator Ibrahim has a commanding voice. Would he assist in seeking redress for Mrs Odama’s family or would he try to sweep the matter under the carpet?

Since like-minded people often flock together, isn’t it likely that some of Senator Ibrahim’s colleagues also indulge in reckless amoral activities with young girls? If that is the case, is it morally right for such people to represent us on issues that bother on moral values?

Those are our concerns, dear Senator Bukar Ibrahim. We are not concerned about your nakedness.

  • Cornelius Ellah

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