A Kid’s Perspective – 2: On Saving

-On Saving
By Augustine Ellah
(7-year old) – 

Many of us are rich and we think that just because we have a lot of money, we can just buy things. It does not mean that whatever we see we have to buy. Before you know it, the money will get finished. So, always use your money for only important things.

What if you are in a shopping centre and you see something that is beautiful? If it is not important to you, don’t just buy it. Keep your money for future use and don’t waste your money just because you are rich.

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Anytime that your children ask you to buy something for them, and you know that it is not important, do not buy it. Just because you don’t want to fail your children it does not mean that you have to buy it. You can get them something even better that will help them think.


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