All You Have Is Now

It was 6:17am when Kola woke up that morning, looked at me and said “Guy sleep, it’s not that serious” and over the long run, he’d repeat this phrase as though reminding himself… and me that no matter the current hassle, Nothing was ever really serious.

Life is passive and spontaneous, ever in flux and never still. It ‘cums’ and goes; like a jolt of electricity, never static, always in transit. It is a clear reminder that all we truly have is ‘now’… not tomorrow, not the next minute or hour, just now… and as humans; we forget this so every then and now, life takes the Liberty of reminding us of this fact: All you have is now.

We want the fast cars, the good house, the shapeless figured account, the latest gear and tech and so we hustle, work and worry, constantly stressing our minds and overclocking our bodies to achieve this and in truth; nothing about this is wrong. You deserve all of this and more but… in the process of the chase, you get so focused on tomorrow that you forget today and now.

For He alone who owns all of time and is an embodiment of time itself is able to grant those wants and needs, ‘we’, we are just walking in the dark… with hopes that we don’t suddenly bump into a wall, we work on borrowed time, simply put: Every human is a time bomb and all we have is a timer. There’s no defusing the bomb, there’s just the wait for the explosion.

So, it’s okay to want the cool toys, but it’s not okay to be so driven by that want that you forget there’s a present, there’s a now. No matter how long you live, life will always be short. So take life easy, for as Kola would say, “It’s really not that serious”.

Live now!

Rest in Peace, Anthony Liberty and John Castro. Rest well!


  • By Ufana Ishoyor

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