Twins are indeed Mysterious and Special to the World

-Twins are indeed Mysterious and Special to the World –
Being a twin and having your twin walk through life with you is an experience that no amount of money can buy.

Persons who are twins would agree with me that twins have this very real physical and spiritual connection that tends to bring them lots of coincidences (as we may refer to them) and spontaneous occurrences that reminds them that they both have a connection that is beyond explanation.


I write as a twin. Even though my twin and I have not lived together for more than half of our lives already, nonetheless, we both know that the diversity of our location, circumstances and even growth into adulthood have not altered the fact that we both remain deeply connected.

Your twin is one person who would in most normal circumstances, be the last to give up on you, no matter in what direction things go in your life. This has been my experience. My twin sister, Laureen, has always been by me, through thick and thin, across continents.

Laureen is one person who has always believed in me and this gave me the courage I needed to go through certain tough times in my personal life. The things that connect us and what we have shared are beyond words.


How do you explain the fact that my twin and I live on different continents, yet on our birthday month, we each gave birth to baby girls within a space of less than 17 hours. By about 12:15pm in the afternoon, I get a call from her that she has put to birth. This left me screaming that I also want to put to birth. By 10:00pm, I lose appetite and begin feeling uncomfortable. By 4:35am I got to the hospital and gave birth at 4:50am. The feeling was amazing! Relatives and friends thought it was mistake that people were mixing up who exactly had put to birth. It was all fun! Laureen and Linda have both given birth! That was the best way to throw out the gist (info).

As our daughters grow, we compare their growth patterns and development, because to us, they are a twin of some sort. Else, how do you explain the fact that as these little cutie daughters celebrate their 2nd birthday, without any communication between my sister and I, our babies (Feyi and Christy-Rose) have the say colour of birthday cakes.

It was 17th November, the birthday of our twin girls. My twin’s daughter, Feyi, had her cake baked in Manchester, UK. My daughter, Christy-Rose had her cake baked in Calabar, Nigeria. My husband requested that the baker use a colour of her choice for Christy-Rose’s cake. Amazingly, she chose pink on cream, the exact colours used on Feyi’s cake. Interestingly, coincidences like this happen often, even with styles and colours of clothes worn on same days, including those of their twin mothers.

A story of a set of twins trended online to depict the ‘connectedness’ we refer to. It was a story of baby Hawk and Mason at birth. The story had a heartbreaking picture of newborn baby saying good bye to his twin. It was a heartwarming story. Even twins too get separated by one circumstance or the other, but the connection never really goes away.


Baby Hawk and Mason – Twins

In earlier times, there was a community where it was regarded as abnormal and an evil omen to give birth to twin babies. Such babies were seen as coming from the evil world. In other cases, one of the babies would be killed and the other left alone. Thanks to Mary Slessor who stopped the killing of twin; some of us would have been long gone.

Some persons have a great desire to have twins and if it were within their power, they would do anything to get a set of twins. On the other hand, those of us who have quite a number of twin sets within our nuclear and extended family may not really desire to have twins ourselves. It comes with a lot of demands in terms of care, attention and resources.

However, the beauty of it all is that twin babies come with lots of blessings and experiences unique to twins. They add to the beauty in the world. Above all, twins continuously remind us that we are all connected; Our points of division are far less important than the many things that unite and connect us ALL as human beings.

United we Stand; Divided we Fall!
Tuko Pamoja! Nous sommes ensemble!

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