Happy Birthday, Son!

Happy birthday, dear Godswill Itemishor Ellah!

Although you are now 10 years old, I would always imagine that you were born “just yesterday”. I still nurse fresh memories of how fulfilled I felt, on the day of your birth. That day introduced me to fatherhood. I thank God for this and pray that His will for you would always prevail.
As you grow older, always remember that I am always here for you and we all love you.

May God guide you all the way.

  • Cornel Ellah

Happy Birthday beloved Son!

You are a precious gift of God to us. May your future be bright! May you be great and be a blessing to us and to your generation! May the world speak of you for your great contribution towards peace, love, justice and unity of all humanity.

Love you dear!

  • Linda Ellah

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