My Black Jesus

I saw this image of Jesus Christ at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Ugbor Benin City, where I attended a funeral Mass for my brother in law, yesterday.
As I reflected on life’s transience and the need to serve God and mankind with unreserved zeal, my attention also focused on the image of Jesus Christ as He stretched His loving arms to us from the altar. I saw what I had never seen before. Jesus Christ looked like a Royal father of Benin City. He looked ebony black too. I saw black, happy Benin looking men and women around Jesus Christ. They wore faces of joy and peace. Most of them were dancing! This elicited emotions that made me further see Jesus Christ as a messenger of peace. I saw God as near. There is no tension around Him. Furthermore, I saw that God’s son, Jesus Christ, isn’t a stranger. He is in our midst. We were created in God’s image. Jesus Christ is an image of ourselves.

Therefore, I commend St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Ugbor Benin City, to all Catholic churches and other churches in Nigeria. Our churches should present Jesus Christ in forms that should help Christians to relate better with Him. He shouldn’t be made to look too stern and alien.

Meanwhile, may the soul of my in law, Late Barrister Osazee Ogbomo and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in God’s peace. Amen.

Happy Sunday to all of you!


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