Someone Sneaking through the Gate…

Someone Sneaking through the Gate…


I shouldn’t be prying on people. Neither should I keep quiet when people say what I need to report. Here is what I heard some minutes ago, from a mother whose daughter sneaked home, after raising the anxiety of her parents about her whereabouts.

Mother: “Some people would bang the gate and disturb everybody after returning from church, as if God made them angry in church. But when they sneak out and back from seeing their boyfriends, nobody would hear the sound of the gate.”

Hmm. Has anyone else been as guilty as this daughter?

Do boys also sneak out to meet girl friends, or they are more confident to do so? Maybe for the boys it is ok, but not for the girl. She will get pregnant. Ok, what about the boy who can also get someone pregnant. So, no trouble about that?

As a young person, sneaking quietly through the gate is something we get to do at one time or the other for various reasons. You know what I am talking about, isn’t it? It could even be as simple as sneaking out to play with friends, to watch the crowd that have gathered even though you were told not to go out, to buy sweet with that little money, to go watch a movie in the house of the neigbours or a movie showing from a shop nearby. When one is young, there seems to be fun doing things in secret. Only with a little more wisdom, later in life does one get to know that, that gate is suppose to guard you from some things out there, but does it really?

However, if you reach adulthood and you still find yourself, from time to time, sneaking quietly through the gate, hmmm, there must be something (…) about you. If you are still sneaking around, what will the young ones do?

Check ya sef!

I rest my case!

  • Linda and Cornelius Ellah

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