Happy Birthday Wifey!

29th November 2015

Happy birth date to Linda (my wife) and her twin, Laureen. Can I describe these ladies in “twin words”? I’ll try. Awesome twosome! Beautiful ladies! Brilliant ladies! Amazing wives! Adorable mothers! Lovely sisters! Reliable friends! Inspirational models! Devout christians! Blessed ladies! Stayed blessed. Stay lovely. God bless.

  • Cornel Ellah

Linda Ellah: As Cornel sat by my bedside writing the above lines on Facebook (on my birthday), I lay on the bed in hospital, struggling to regain life back to my body. His faith, love and the prayers of so many relatives, friends and well-wishers made it happen.
Most of all, God’s mercy, love, favour and blessings brought me back to life!
May God be praised!


29th November 2016

I feel so blessed to have my wife as my wife. Linda, I am almost tempted to say that you have stolen my heart. But stealing is corruption and you are incorruptible. Therefore, I would continue to say that you have won my heart. I surrender it wholly to you, eternally. Congratulations to you and your adorable twin sister (Laureen) as you clock another year today. I love you.

  • Cornel Ellah

Linda Ellah: Only on my 2016 birthday did I get to read the earlier birthday post of 2015. I was too down to know he had written anything on my birthday in 2015.
Thanks Sweetheart for your fidelity and love and for always being there.
I love you always!

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