Black Friday Syndrome on Good Friday

Black Friday Syndrome on Good Friday
I confess that I witnessed “Black Friday” for the first time on Saturday (yesterday). All roads in Calabar led to Barracks road where Spar Shopping Complex is located. The shopping mall was packed with customers scrambling to take advantage of the mall’s discount prices for goods.

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I recall that my mind drifted to “Good Friday”, the first time I heard the promo of ” Black Friday” on radio. I thought of death and solemnity. I wondered if the Christian calendar was being amended in line with the season of recession. Otherwise, why should “good old Friday” suddenly become “Black Friday”? Don’t mind my layman’s mind.

Today is Sunday. A new, fresh and white day. I think that all roads can equally lead to churches if our churches offer “promotional blessings” to worshipers. Sometimes, people stay away from places of worship due to lack of cash. Some churches lay too much emphasis on offerings and donations. Several collections are done. Of course, the work of God must be support. We must give for the missions, if we can’t go to the missions. However, can we equally have a discount-filled Sunday? We could call it “White Sunday”, just after ” Black Friday “? If won’t offend God.

I have a dream that on such a Sunday, our preachers would announce that “Today, let nobody offer more than 20 Naira in this church. God loves cheerful givers. Offer your 10 Naira and 20 Naira notes cheerfully”. Surely, such a church would have very cheerful worshipers. Only that such amounts cannot sustain our church leaders nor help them support the poor of their flock.  But I am still dreaming. I need to wake up and get set for church.
“Thank you Lord, for a day like this. Amen.”

Happy White Sunday. Neatly deleted.
Happy Sunday to all readers of this dreamy post!

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