Lucky Meat!

– Some Animals can be Lucky O! –

My mind is on the plate of cow leg pepper soup in this picture.

I have just been told that it costs 800 (eight hundred) naira. I am in an air conditioned comfortable restaurant, no doubt. My wife is with me. But 800 naira for eight pieces of maggi-cube-like pieces of cow leg? Na wao!

I feel like telling the waiters in this restaurant to put off the air conditioner, in case it is part of our bill. There was rainfall some minutes ago, after all.The night is still breezy.
But my wife is by my side and I know that she would feel embarrassed, if I behave as if 800 naira is a big deal. Therefore, I am here pretending as if I have “arrived”. May I arrive oh!

Instead of enjoying this plate of pepper soup, I am here wracking my brains about the news value of this plate of pepper soup.

Also, I am attempting some arithmetics in my mind. I am thinking that this cow could cost not less than 800 thousand naira, judging from the cost of these tiny pieces. No wonder Fulani herdsmen and their cattle have suddenly become celebrities.

Please don’t mind me.

  • Cornel Ellah

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