Mystery Cakes

God’s mysterious ways manifest every time. After my post on the birth dates of my daughter (Christy-Rose) and her cousin (Feyi), something rather uncanny occurred again.

Feyi’s cake was baked in Manchester, UK where she resides with her parents. On that same day (17th of November), I called one Felicia Ndukwe, a staff of Apples Eatery in Calabar, to arrange for Christy’s birthday cake. I specifically instructed Felicia to use her discretion in the choice of the cake’s colours. Amazingly, she chose pink on cream, the exact colours used on Feyi’s cake. Both babies live on different continents.

Interestingly, coincidences like this happen often, even with styles and colours of clothes worn on same days, including those of their twin mothers.

Indeed, God’s Omnipotence is unquestionable. My family and I would worship Him forever.

  • Cornel Ellah

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