The Twin Babies of the Twin Girls are 2!

The Twin Babies of the Twin Girls are 2!
On this date in 2014, Laureen Fakunle gave birth to a bouncing beautiful baby girl. Laureen is my sister In-law. She is my beloved wife’s twin sister. I recall how excited we felt, when Laureen called on phone to inform us of the baby’s safe arrival.

My wife was pregnant at that time. Our doctors had previously informed us that our baby’s expected date of delivery was about one month ahead. I was anxiously looking forward to that medically pronounced date. But after we received Laureen’s call, my wife hinted that “Sweetheart, get ready for our baby”. When I reminded her that the expected date was still a month ahead, she told me to trust her instincts. I have never distrusted her. But I had cause to trust her even more when she woke me up at about 3.00am to say that she was experiencing some contractions and other symptoms associated with labour.

This prompted me to call my younger sister whose reliable opinion on medical issues often serves me well. She instructed me to urgently convey my wife to the hospital. We reached the labour ward of Calabar’s General Hospital before 4.00am. Our baby was delivered without any hitch within 10 minutes of our arrival there. That was on the 18th of November. The baby might have dropped in the car or in any other awkward spot, if we didn’t reach the hospital on God’s cue.


Feyi’s cake was baked on 17th November 2016 for her birthday same day in Manchester, Uk. On the 17th of November 2016, the baker was told to prepare a cake for Christy-Rose for her birthday the next day in Calabar, Nigeria. The baker was also told to decide what colour to use. Coincidentally, exact same colours were used as on Feyi’s cake. Both babies live on two different continents, yet coincidences like this happen often even with style and colours of clothes worn on same day, including those of their twin mothers.

The rest of this story is history. But the most remarkable part of this sweet history lies in the coincidence of these births. My wife and her twin sister never planned to give birth within 17 hours of ” side-by-side” dates. Equally, Laureen’s husband and I never rehearsed when to make our wives pregnant. Do people even rehearse such things? God does it all.

Happy birthday, Feyi Fakunle. Happy birthday a few hours from now, Christy-Rose Nkakim Ellah. You are our twins from separate wombs. May God’s awesome powers continue to reign in your lives and in the lives of your amazing mothers. Amen.

Happy Birthday Feyi!
Happy Birthday Christy-Rose!

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