Believe Your Destiny

– Your Destiny is in Your Hand! –

There are people who believe in destiny and there are others who think there is nothing like that. But then what is destiny about? Some dictionary define destiny as a condition foreordained by the divine or by human will, which determines the future of a person or thing. One can also look at destiny as one’s life mission and purpose for living among others.

Just think about this: You couldn’t have been created for a negative purpose. Now, that’s where destiny comes in. However, after you begin to exist and live life, you have the freedom to make choices regarding your life. These choices eventually have an effect on your present and future life. So, even though certain things are “meant to be”, your choices and actions play a great role regarding your destiny.

One’s destiny could be altered/changed, reshaped or refocused. This could be through one’s choices, industriousness, creativity, having the right attitude, right associations, having the right opportunity and being in the right place at the right time. With the right elements in place, one is set on achieving one’s purpose in life.  

As human beings, our destinies are connected. No one comes into the world just for themselves. Rather, as social beings, our individual journeys in life shape other destinies and vice versa. So, we are all connected – hence the African philosophical saying, “I am because we are”. This, therefore, calls for an attitude of openness; willingness to learn what is right from everyone and everything.

Meantime, being in custody of a child gives one a golden opportunity to help shape and enact the destiny of that child. This is a privilege that needs to be taken seriously. Children need to be loved into life, guided, and helped to imbibe values that will make them kind, respectable, responsible and service-oriented adults.


Helping them discover themselves in their early years is one of the best gift we can offer them. They are an open book waiting to be written upon.

Furthermore, there are persons who have very often believed their destiny or life’s mission. When you take time to look at the life of some relative, friend, or colleague over a long time, you will get a sense that they are indeed achieving their life’s mission.

You too can be on the right track by first believing your destiny. Believing your destiny means keeping a good attitude towards life. It means having the optimism or positive belief that you can and will get the best and the most out of life. It also means accepting the reality that every person who comes your way is important, have their own destiny to pursue and can indeed be a tool to you achieving your life’s mission. Here, discernment is required so that you stay away from persons or situations that may jeopardize fulfilling your life’s mission.

Very importantly, believing your destiny means being true to who you are and being honest to yourself. When you tell yourself the truth, then it is possible to change or improve yourself. If you are a “copycat”, doing things just because you have seen someone else do the same, then you may not be able to take time to discover your own talent or gift.

Being a mere copycat is different from positively emulating someone in order to improve yourself. Just copying others, comparing yourself unnecessarily with others, envying others or seeking to bring another person down would distract you and would take away the energy you need to focus on discovering yourself and engaging on the path of your own destiny.

Besides, life is about service. Believing your destiny also means seeking ways to be of service to one’s community and society using one’s talent, gifts, career, profession, field of interest and/or specialization.

Celebration of a new year or one’s birthday is a good period to evaluate one’s life journey. What can I change? What do I need to improve in myself? What more can I do to develop myself personally? What do I need to accept serenely?

True, a higher and more powerful being exists; still, your destiny is in your hand. Live in hope, live in faith, live a life of charity, discover yourself more, be true to yourself, think positively and live with positive energy, employ your gifts and talents in service to others, encourage, support and mentor others when and how you can. In this way, you would most likely be walking on the path of your destiny, while shaping other destinies.  

The main points of this article are wrapped up in the words of a friend and former schoolmate, Odhis Kwabuyu:

“Nobody was ever born to fail in this life. At times people fail because they have nobody to support and speak hope to them. Be a blessing to someone. Be a TOOL in God’s hands TO AFFECT DESTINIES!”

Need we say more?

  • Linda Ellah

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