Friends on the Government Train

I congratulate all my friends whose names feature in the list of newly announced political appointments in Cross River State, Nigeria. There are 1,106 names in that list. I’ll try and call all my close friends listed there, despite the fact that I felt somehow disappointed, after speaking with one of them.

I felt disappointed because this friend concentrated too much on asking “You don hear my name for radio?” in my phone conversation with him. The way he kept interjecting with that question, I felt that he needed to confirm that he has “arrived”. When I told him to try and justify his appointment for the good of our people, he remarked, “Oh boy, na our time. At all at all na him bad pass”. This mindset seems too self-centered. I truly pray that he would fare better than what I now expect from him.

Meanwhile, some portfolios in that list seem fine and normal. Unfortunately, many of them sound repetitive and rather grandiose. Check out these, for instance:

Offiong OnoyomSpecial Assistant-New Media (Logistics and Operations)
Nathaniel A OtabaSpecial Assistant – New Media (General Services)
Kenneth EreSpecial Assistant – New Media (Correspondence)

Wao! Very impressive. But who am I, not to be impressed at professorial ingenuity? Our Professors must have done their research. Otherwise, a Special Assistant on Special Appointments would have been appointed as well.

Wait o! I thought I heard sometime ago that all nominees for appointment into key political offices must be subjected to integrity and aptitude tests before their appointments are confirmed. In this recent appointments, we are told that the appointees would assume duties on November 1st. Have they been subjected to aptitude and integrity tests? Or are these appointments inferior to previous ones? Maybe I am missing something. It seems that the more the appointments, the less I understand.

Anyway, I would always pray for our digital Governor and our dear state.

Long live Cross River State!

  • Cornel Ellah

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