A Loving Tribute to our Very Dearest Mum

Mum is 73! All Glory to God!

September 25th is indeed a great day for us all. Let us celebrate this great woman of God whom God blessed our lives with.

We thank God for making her see another year of her life despite all she has gone through.  Our God is indeed awesome. May God continue to keep our mum for us.

Happy birthday to our lovely mum, Lolo Rose Asimole!

The woman who God blessed our life with,
the woman who made us what we all are today,
the woman who nurtured us with so much love, care and took us as her own,
the woman who took care of us the way no other person would have ever done,
the woman who gave us life and showed us the way to eternal life,
the woman who taught us about God and taught us not to tell lies because, “who dey lie dey with devil and e go go hell fire”,
the woman who saved my life when it was nearly over,
the woman who gave her all to make us happy,
the woman who made sure dad treated us like Princes and Princesses,
the woman who suffered for us to be great,
the woman who interceded every day and night to God on our behalf,
the woman who taught us how to pray and take our problems to God in prayer,
the woman who would not sleep because we are ill,
the woman who would not eat because we have not eaten,
the woman who is our rock and the common unifier of us all,
the woman who left her comfort in town to go and take care of her husband’s property in the village.
I can go on and and on and on…



Oh sweet Mother, I can never forget the love you have shown us even if anyone forgets. All I know my lovely mum is that your labour of love for us since we all were born will never be in vain.

Our God is a great rewarder of those who seek Him diligently and I know He will definitely reward you with what no man can ever reward you. You are in my heart mummy and I love you so very much. Thank you mum for everything you have ever done, all the lovely food you have cooked to nurture us, all the advice on how to live life God’s way.


Words cannot express my gratitude to you sweet mum. Happy birthday to you on this glorious day you were born. You were created by God for us. I wish you many more years ahead filled with God’s love, peace, blessings and good health of mind and body in Jesus name. Amen.

Lolo, biri kwe oh. Enjoy your new age and beyond mum.
I wish you a happy and fun-filled day today in God’s Presence.
Stay blessed mum.

Love you so much!!!

  • By Laureen Fakunle, UK
    (Twin Sister to Linda Ellah)
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