Your Handwriting and Mine

Putting up our handwriting… looks like we have missed it

Cornel, I remember the first day you ever left a written note for me,  I remember feeling so happy and feeling so good. Interestingly, you had never written a letter (handwritten) to me before then. So, sorry to say, I took that letter as your first love letter to me. I have kept it so well since then. At some point, when I noticed that the paper was getting torn and affected by other things including water, I decided to scan it for safe keeping.

Hmmm, dude, I think you would do well to leave more of your handwriting notes around in my absence. It has a good effect you know!


Cornel’s Response:

Linda, I don’t ever want you to be absent from my sight. As tempting as it is to write you more “love letters”, I’ll prefer that you should be around always, so that I won’t have any reason to write them. I hope you understand.
I’ll always love you.

  • Linda/Cornel

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